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07 Jun 2014, Posted by Andy Pavlov in work

I am excited to invite you to my second group exhibition “From Here to the End of the World”. This year on display will be the best pictures from 2011, 2012 and 2013 editions.My winner photographs featured in the 2013 edition will be there too….

Back from Indonesia’s majestic lands

21 Apr 2014, Posted by Andy Pavlov in work

I often find myself short of words to describe the beauty of the nature. May be that is why I chose the language of pictures and images – it could be descriptive and documental enough but in the same time, wraps up not only the…

The Cormorant Fishermen

25 Aug 2013, Posted by Andy Pavlov in work

This was my first time to travel in China. I was with my wife Elena and major point of our trip was photographing the local cormorant fishermen and presenting the beauty of this old aged fishing method. We were staying in the small village of…