Andy Pavlov Photographer | Back from Indonesia's majestic lands
Indonesia, time-lapse, volcanoes, temples, majestic lands
Indonesia, time-lapse, volcanoes, temples, majestic lands

Back from Indonesia’s majestic lands

21 Apr 2014, Posted by Andy Pavlov in work

I often find myself short of words to describe the beauty of the nature. May be that is why I chose the language of pictures and images – it could be descriptive and documental enough but in the same time, wraps up not only the beauty but also the magic of everything around us. Photography for me is like that powerful seeing eye that can show the essence that otherwise stays invisible to the eye.*

Last month Elena and I embarked on a trip to Indonesia. Everything was decided last-minute so we had only vague idea of what we will see and were we will go…Thinking how to continue the story, I take a deep breath, for some things are truly to be felt and seen by oneself rather than being told or heard as a story. The simple truth is that we were, once again,  fascinated by the versatility of our planet. On the World map Indonesia might seem as  yet another little piece of the puzzle, but proved to be a whole universe of contrasts. From volcanos surrounded by black sanded seas to vividly green rice fields – it seemed that everything can be found here.

Eager to capture this opulence I shot my first time-lapse video.

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* “Here is my secret. It is very simple. It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; What is essential is invisible to the eye.” ~ The Little Prince.